Urgent Care

Urgent Care is there for you when feeling great can't wait.  Quality health care you can trust when you need it the most. Daytime, evenings, weekends, holidays or after your doctor's office hours, our experienced, compassionate staff and health care providers offer same-day care in dedicated medical centers so you can get back to feeling better sooner.

Why Use Urgent Care?

Emergency rooms are not the fastest or most cost effective choice when you need immediate health care, and often it takes days to get in to see a primary care physician or specialist. You could wait hours in the E.R. for less serious health concerns, and that's too much time and money lost. That's why Urgent Care is the ideal alternative for your health care needs. Our clinics are operated by top quality medical professionals, so our patients can be confident that they're getting the highest level of care


Walk-In Clinics at Selected Family Pharmacies

Walk-In Clinic's located within selected Family Pharmacy locations are high-quality, affordable, and convenient healthcare that fits how we live today: no appointments, no waiting and routine treatment and preventive care. Read More »

Diabetes Education & Management

Diabetes self-management education/training (DSME/T) is cost-effective and improves health outcomes as patients maintain better control of their A1C. Read More »

Health Plus

HEALTH PLUS is NOT INSURANCE, it’s a membership program providing access to healthcare at a reduced cost. Read More »